We walk as we walk not how they said we have to walk

About the Project

With this initiative we pretend to promote a different way to walk the best hikes of the world, with a low budget, getting to know local people and taking care of our mother nature.

During the last years we have been travelling around Europe and hiking every time we were travelling but having some issues to get information about the best places to explore and get an adventure in.

Many times we had to look for information in other languages because are the only resources that were possible to find. Other countries with less hiking culture than in Europe only getting in touch with local hikers are our valuable resources.

Sick of finding only travel agencies, we want to share our experiences and practical information with other hikers with the same philosophy offering you the chance to take your own adventure from how to get there, tips to get cheap accommodation, hitchhiking tips, useful locations of supermarkets, hospitals, mountaineering shops…

The hikes that are posted in this website are not meant to be all the hikes of a specific area, it is pretended to recommend which hikes, from our perspective, are the best trails that you shouldn’t miss if you enjoy hiking in the wilderness.


Our trips are based on a really low budget so here you will not find fancy recommendations,  though we would like to enjoy them we are conscious of the amount of time take us to earn money to spend those little whims that in other points of view are essential.

Traveling in an economic way doesn’t have to become an obsession and should be applied according to the circumstances of each one. In the end, we should question ourselves if what we are going to pay is worth for the time we invested in earning that money.


Offering information about the hikes is not meant to be a step by step guide. With all the technology is getting less adventurous and the spirit of getting maps and get orientated with them.  We want you to discover and guide yourself during the route without explaining every detail.

The conditions at the outdoors are all the time changing, the only constant you will find is changing. Being able to have your own criteria to decide what to do in unexpected situations is essential because in nature we are the only ones responsible for the decisions made.  

Environmental Responsibility

Being responsible for our acts while we are in nature is seriously a focus in our trips.

We have to leave no trace when hiking, blending into the landscape, going unnoticed, seeming like we weren’t there.

Is needed to keep pushing ourselves step by step to improve the reduction of our impact on this planet and it starts day-to-day taking care of every action we realize.





The only constant

is changing

About Us

Andrés García Gijón

I am Andrés García, a 23yo guy from Barcelona that has been travelling and exploring new places the last 6 months after quitting my job.
Since I was a kid I loved to learn by myself about geology, geography, mountaineering and lately, I have been teaching myself different languages, photography, editing, web design… besides having studied energy efficiency and building maintenance during 3 years of my life.