Hiking from the monastery to Sant Jeroni in Montserrat

Walking in the sacred mountain of Catalonia, Montserrat


Walking to Sant Jeroni is probably the most hiked trail of Montserrat. Starting the route in the monastery and finishing at the top of the massif is without any doubt a unique experience.

Elevation Gain: 600m   Distance: 9km
Time: 4h  Max altitude: 1236m


Elevation Gain


Estimated time

Max. Altitude


Sun / Shade

Half part of the route in the shade.


When to go

Walking to Sant Jeroni is possible all year round but it can be very cold in winter and very hot in summer. In winter days, snow can be present and trails can be slippery, so hiking is not recommended. In case of heavy rains, due to its geology, the small and dry rivers turn into dangerous streams and rockfalls may occur.


Drinking Water

It’s possible to fill your reservoir at the fountain of the monastery..
  • Difficulty 20% 20%

The difficulty of the route is easy and for experienced hikers can take 2h.

  • Exposure 20% 20%

The exposure of this hike to Sant Jeroni is low when the weather conditions are okay. The trail is well marked and conditioned.

Sant Jeroni


Sant Jeroni is the highest peak of Montserrat mountain and is located in the north face of the mountain. From the top there is a magnificent view of Catalonia, being possible to see all the Pyrenees, the flat area of Lleida and the mountains that goes along the coast of Catalonia. The hike to Sant Jeroni is the best easy trail near Barcelona.


Montserrat Monastery – Pla dels Ocells

The hike starts in the church of Montserrat, Monestir de Montserrat. At the end of the monastery, there is a water fountain and stairs that go all the way up and crosses a bridge to follow the path that is marked with a with the typical white and red mark. This part is shared with the GR 4 and Gr172 and it climbs the entire first km up stone steps and it takes around 25min. The trail passes by the French pass (El pas dels Francesos), and emblematic narrow pass between two big walls.

Soon after, the hike gets to the old hermitage of Santa Anna where there are other trails going to Sant Benet and Funicular de Sant Joan, but the hike keeps going all straight to Sant Jeroni arriving