Anaga hike – highlights of the rural Park

Mountains of Anaga, the pearl of Tenerife

Hiking the highlights of the north of Tenerife, from leafy forests of the summit trough steep volcanic valleys to the contrasts of cliffs and Roques rising from the ocean.

Elevation Gain: 1500m   Distance: 36km
Time: 2 days  Max altitude: 950m


Elevation Gain


Estimated time

Max. Altitude

When to go

Hiking in Anaga is possible to be done all year round but during the autumn and winter can be closed or can be very dangerous due to rain, fog and strong winds and is not recommended. Being closed means that if something happens to you while hiking in that closed area is your responsibility. No permit is needed to hike in Anaga Rural Park


Sun / Shade

At low altitudes, there is no shade. Above 600m the paths go through forests so shade is guaranteed.


Drinking Water

During the hike in the Rural Park of Anaga is possible to find water in low altitudes and in villages. In Afur and Taganana there are water fountains and several springs are found during the path.
  • Difficulty 40% 40%
The difficulty of the route is moderate if it’s divided in two days. In case that is done in one day it can be an ambitious challenge that can takes over 12 hours.
  • Exposure 50% 50%
When was written this post (March of 2018) small parts of the paths that go nearby the sea were destroyed due to heavy rains typical during winter in this area. Even if the paths are okay, these are often narrow  and can be slippery.

Anaga hike – loop trekking


Near Santa Cruz de Tenerife is located one of the best areas for hiking, Anaga Rural Park. Anaga is declared as Reserve of the Biosphere, housing a rich amount of endemic fauna and flora. Anaga hike shows the highlights of this magical part of Tenerife, the wildest and better preserved of all the island. Deep valleys and canyons reach to the natural beaches of the north coast of the Canarian island.


Cruz de las Carboneras – Afur – Barranco de Tamadite

After arriving by bus to Cruce de las Carboneras and walking 100m on the main road direction El Bailadero is found at the left, a path signal where it shows the way to Azur and Taborno. This path marked with yellow and white marks goes all the way down to Taborno, a small village where is possible to hike to Roque de Taborno, a short but very impressive hike posted in this site. From the village of Taborno there is the PR path, again marked with yellow and white marks, that leads to Afur showing the deep canyons with rivers and waterfalls flowing strongly all the way down to the sea. In Afur starts one of the most hiked routes that goes through Barranco de Tamadite.

Afur – Barranco de Tamadite – Taganana

From the parking place in Afur, starts the popular hike marked again with white and yellow marks that reach first the beach of Tamadiste and the Village of Taganana after 5km. The Barranco de Tamadite is one of the most accessible ones and most-hiked trails.

The path goes by the riverbed and during rainy days is not possible to do this hike because of floods. There are no bridges to cross the river and during rainy days this hike is not recommended because though the river can seem to be calm, the steep valleys make these rivers rise quickly and there are serious dangers of being trapped in the middle of the route. Before arriving at the beach the path crosses the river to the right and starts going up direction Taganana. The beach of Tamadiste is a very beautiful spot but can be dangerous due to strong currents existing in this part of the island.

From the beach is followed back the path until is found the trail that goes up to the east. This part of the trail is one of the most beautiful spots of the island passing above the cliffs and giving a spectacular view of Taganana and the incredible steep mountains typical of this region. The village of Taganana is very beautiful with a small market where can be found the basic products and a very old public fountain.

hiking in anaga map

Taganana – Benijo – El Draguillo

From Taganana the hike follows the road until Benijo and though it can sound pretty disappointing it’s worth to walk near the ocean seeing how the waves crash the cliffs. There’s only one alternative marked in green in the map that solves the first km of road. In Benijo the road becomes a sand road and arrives until El Draguillo where is found a hiking signal indicating the path to Cruz del Draguillo. IF instead of taking the path that goes up, it’s taken the path that starts going down to the left will take you to Faro de Anaga following the indications of the path.


El Draguillo – Faro Anaga – Cruz del Draguillo

From Draguillo is taken the path that goes down to the left in the signpost where is shown the way up to Cruz del Draguillo. This part of the path goes up until it arrives at the next canyon where is following it until a few buildings called Las Palmas. Here is shown with a signal the way to the Lighthouse and the views are pretty amazing.

Once in the Lighthouse has to be taken the path that goes to Tafada (1.6km). The path starts going up and after 1,6km arrives at the ruins of some hoses (Casas de Tafada). Few meters ahead will be found a path to the right that goes back to El Draguillo but is not taken. 50 Meters ahead following the path to Chamorga has to be found a small path that goes up to the right and goes directly to Cruz del Draguillo instead of passing by Chamorga first. Once is taken this path, the shadow is guaranteed and incredible views as well!

hiking in rural park anaga

Cruz del Draguillo – El Bailadero

From Cruz de Draguillo will be followed the path that goes up following the ridge of the mountain chain. After hiking 10 min. the path gets to a viewpoint and the path continues at the top of the stairs are seen from the viewpoint. The path keeps going up for 20 min. more where will go up and down until it arrives at the road. Once the path arrives at the road has to be taken the road for 300m and to the right will be found another path that starts going a bit up and quickly goes down through a beautiful forest with Laurisilva. Near the end of this route is found a bifurcation and will be taken the one to the left that leads to El Bailadero. Once in the road just has to be followed until the bus stop to finish this great trekking.



-Be careful with the weather conditions because it can change quickly and in an unexpected way, especially during winter. In case of bad weather conditions like winds up to 50km/h, fog, rain or other inclement weather do not hike around the area. It is very dangerous and floods may occur.

-In case of setting up a tent to avoid the camping areas and nearby without permission and notice that is illegal to set up a tent in Spain. If it is wanted to take the risk, set up the tent in a remote place at sunset and wake up early to avoid forest rangers. During summertime, there are more controls.

-Your safety is our concern but it is your responsibility. Hiking requires a minimum of preparation and wearing warm clothes and proper boots always with us.

Map – Hiking trails in Anaga and Tenerife

transportation to anaga rural park


How to get to Tenerife: Do you need to know how to get to Tenerife? Check out our post about transportation to Tenerife.

Public transportation: For arriving at Cruce Las Carboneras is needed to take the bus nº76,77 or 275 to the bus stop Cruce Las Carboneras and walk 100m on the main road until the signal at the left of the path that leads to Afur. After 2.5km you will be in the starting point of this route.

Where the hike starts: 28.538833, -16.267113
Where the hike ends: 28.547588, -16.207053
weather in anaga rural park


Check out the weather for the following days in Anaga Natural Park.


During the hike are found several caves, where in case it is needed there might not be any problem to do bivouac though is not allowed… In the part from El Draguillo to Anaga Lighthouse is a quiet place to stay.  Near El Bailadero there is a Hostel called Albergue Montes de Anaga. There are options for accommodation in the main villages as Afur and Taganana where there are apartments and Airbnbs. Get 25€ discount on your first Airbnb experience


Hiking Resources

 Map of Tenerife: Roads Map

Online Topo map: Tenerife

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