Anaga hike – highlights of the rural Park

Mountains of Anaga, the pearl of Tenerife

Hiking the highlights of the north of Tenerife, from leafy forests of the summit trough steep volcanic valleys to the contrasts of cliffs and Roques rising from the ocean.

Elevation Gain: 1500m   Distance: 36km
Time: 2 days  Max altitude: 950m


Elevation Gain


Estimated time

Max. Altitude

When to go

Hiking in Anaga is possible to be done all year round but during the autumn and winter can be closed or can be very dangerous due to rain, fog and strong winds and is not recommended. Being closed means that if something happens to you while hiking in that closed area is your responsibility. No permit is needed to hike in Anaga Rural Park


Sun / Shade

At low altitudes, there is no shade. Above 600m the paths go through forests so shade is guaranteed.


Drinking Water

During the hike in the Rural Park of Anaga is possible to find water in low altitudes and in villages. In Afur and Taganana there are water fountains and several springs are found during the path.
  • Difficulty 40% 40%
The difficulty of the route is moderate if it’s divided in two days. In case that is done in one day it can be an ambitious challenge that can takes over 12 hours.
  • Exposure 50% 50%
When was written this post (March of 2018) small parts of the paths that go nearby the sea were destroyed due to heavy rains typical during winter in this area. Even if the paths are okay, these are often narrow  and can be slippery.