Hamperokken hike

Reach the most popular and visible mountain of Tromsø, Hamperokken


Hamperokken is a classic climb to the highest peak of the Tromso surroundings. A magic spire attracts climbers and hikers giving the best views of Troms.


Elevation Gain: 1400m   Distance: 11km
Time: 5h  Max altitude: 1404m


Elevation Gain


Estimated time

Max. Altitude

when to climb hamperokken

When to go

It is possible to do the hike without winter equipment from june to late september but always depends on the weather conditions of the year.


Sun / Shade

Sunny during all the route except the first km. 


Drinking Water

There is running water from Tverrelva river when crossing the first small bridge.
  • Difficulty 80% 80%
The rocky terrain and the elevation gained during the hike makes this hike one of the hardest ones in Tromso.
  • Exposure 90% 90%
The exposed areas are the ridge to Middagsaksla  (very aerial parts) and the spire on the top of the peak. To get to the top has to be climbed the spire. Not suitable for those who suffer Acrophobia.



Reaching Hamperokken summit is considered as one of the mountains that should be climbed by those who have experience climbing or scrambling. The spire on the top of the summit remembers a bit to the Matterhorn and it gives aerial and exposed parts during the approximation and the scrambling to the top!

Approaching the ridge

The path starts from the parking and it is marked with red signs in the trees. Once the first hill is reached is seen the birch forest and the river that will be crossed through a small bridge following during all the time the red marks. Once it is crossed the bridge the path goes straight uphill until it is reached the altitude of 1000m. Here was found a Ti på topp postbox (2017). 

Scrambling in the ridge

The Middagsaksla ridge has its maximum difficulty and exposure if it’s followed the edge of the ridge. The first section avoids the most difficult stretches on the left side of the ridge (East face) and later on, the ridge gets more spectacularity if it’s followed the edge of the ridge (high exposure). It is possible to avoid some aerial parts this time on the right side (West face) where the exposure is way lower than following the ridge.

Scrambling the summit

The summit is the most exposed stretch due to the last 40m. It is followed the base of the summit at 1300m to reach the southwest face where is found the 2 different routes that lead to the base of the spree. On the pictures is shown one of the couloirs that can be followed an is the way up on the Tromso sky race. This couloir was marked the September of 2017 with red marks. It leads to a wide mountain pass where to the right can be seen the way down of the Tromso sky race. 

Both ways have the same exposure and difficulty but to reach the base of the spree through the way down of Tromso sky race has to be faced almost the south face walking 1 more minute crossing a very wide and exposed part and taking the couloir to the left. Once in the base of the spree, we climbed it starting in the right side and doing a traverse to the left where is easier to get to the top.

Way back

The way back is the same one that was taken to reach the summit. It takes less than 2h to get back to the parking. It’s possible to follow the path though Litleskaret but due to the scree is recommended during wintertime.


-Hamperokken is not an easy hike, it requires climbing experience although is not a very hard climb and the exposure is very high especially during the last 100m. Though there are not bolts in this part, a few hikers may choose to use a rope for added safety here.

-Be careful with the weather conditions because it can change quickly and in an unexpected way. It can get cold quickly so is recommended to wear always with us some warm clothes.

-In case of setting up a tent be respectful with nature and locals. You can take advantage of the Norwegian law “allemansratten” to set up a tent almost wherever you want but keep on mind that nature doesn’t care about our egos. We should show as much respect and take as much caution as possible. Indrearne at BBC

-Your safety is our concern but is your responsibility. Hiking in high mountain areas requires a minimum of preparation and wearing warm clothes and proper boots always with us.


Map – Hiking in Troms

how to get to the base of hamperokken


How to get to Tromso: Don’t you know how to get to Tromso? Check out our post about transportation to the Troms area. Public transportation: For arriving at the starting point from Tromso has to be taken the line 150 to Storslått and walk 2 min to the northeast, direction Breivikeidet. Timetable available at Troms Reise App. For paying the bus tickets is recommended to use Troms Mobillett App.

Where starts the hike: 69.585225, 19.268786
Where finish the hike: 69.561652, 19.358693
weather in Troms


Check out the weather for the following days in Hamperokken
camping in norway


Setting up a tent is possible near the parking but is better to set up the tent when the first slope through the forest has ended and the path starts to go a bit down.  Along the region of Troms is possible to rent several entire houses with Airbnb! Get 25€ discount on your first Airbnb experience

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