GR131 La Palma

The best paths in La Palma in a unique long trail, the volcanoes trail and the ridge of Caldera de Taburiente

The long route GR 131 in La Palma is an extreme route that follows the ridge of the highest volcanoes and mountains of the Isla Bonita, La Palma

Elevation Gain: 3900m   Distance: 72km
Time: 2-4days  Max altitude: 2426m


Elevation Gain


Estimated time

Max. Altitude


When to go

The GR-131 in La Palma can be hiked all year round except during the colder days when the snow and ice are presents on the trail. During summer, avoid the mid-day when hiking and carry with you enough water.


Sun / Shade

Sun during the paths above the 1000m-1500m. Above this altitude there is almost no vegetation.


Drinking Water

The path goes through the highest peaks so there are few places where you can fill your reservoir. During summer, some of the places are explained here are dry depending on the weather conditions. 
In Fuencaliente lighthouse, Fuencaliente, camping àrea of El Paso, the mountain Hut of Punta de los Roques there are drinking spots.
  • Difficulty 70% 70%
Depending on how many days is planed the trail, the difficulty changes. It has to be considered the elevation gained during the trail and the weather conditions can make the whole route very difficult.
  • Exposure 50% 50%

The route GR131 La Palma is not exposed itself, only heavy winds or heavy rain it can make the route more challenging and dangerous. During winter, when the snow falls in the summits, the paths can be very slippery.