Blavatnet hike

Hike through an old glacier tongue that leads to one of the most beautiful lakes of Norway, Blavatnet


The impressive blue tones of the water are the result of the sedimentation of silt particles eroded of the steep mountain in the background


Elevation Gain: 200m   Distance: 9km
Time: 3h  Max altitude: 190m


Elevation Gain


Estimated time

Max. Altitude


When to go

It is possible to do the hike without winter equipment from may to october.

sun in blavatn

Sun / Shade

Sunny during all the route, no shadows at all.

Drinking Water

There is running water from several rivers during the hike.
  • Difficulty 20% 20%
It is an easy walk suitable for all ages. The last part of the hike involves walking over large rocks and scree.
  • Exposure 20% 20%
Only the last part of the hike has some exposure due to the scree. It is needed to wear proper hiking shoes for this route.



Hiking to Blåvatn is one of the best things you can do if you want to get in touch with nature. At only one an a half hour from Tromso, is located the region of Lyngen Alps with the steepest mountains of Troms area. The region offers incredible views of glaciers and is an incredible place to chase the northern lights! During winter the area is visited by many skiers from all over the world thanks to the conditions and the spectacular scenery.

Approaching to Aspevatn

At the Sørlenangsbotn parking starts the path that leads to Aspevatnet and Blavatnet. The path is indicated by a hiking signal that shows the distance to both lakes. After hiking only 500m there is a signal that shows the path that reaches Aspevatn. This path crosses a bridge and is a bit narrow and takes 5 minutes to arrive at the lake. As the Blavatnet lake, Aspevatnet has incredible blue tones and the hike is suitable for everybody.

Hiking to the Blue gem, Blåvatnet

Once is explored Aspevatn on the way back will be taken the path that leads to Blavatn. It goes by the riverbed during the first km. Quickly is reached a wide old glacier tongue that was covered by ice many years ago. The trail is marked with red signs in sticks or painted at rocks. At the end of this wide extension of rocks transported by the glacier are found large boulders and the path becomes more technical. The path crosses between two big rocks and going after it a bit to the right climbing over large stones and scree. It is possible to cross to the other side of the lake and set up the tent. During the late summer and autumn is possible to pick sweet berries!

Way back

The way back is the same one that was taken to reach the lake. It takes a bit more than 1h to get back to the parking.


-Be careful with the weather conditions because it can change quickly and in an unexpected way. It can get cold quickly so is recommended to wear always with us some warm clothes.

-In case of setting up a tent be respectful with nature and locals. You can take advantage of the Norwegian law “allemansratten” to set up a tent almost wherever you want but keep on mind that nature doesn’t care about our egos. We should show as much respect and take as much caution as possible. Indrearne at BBC

-Your safety is our concern but is your responsibility. Hiking in high mountain areas requires a minimum of preparation and wearing warm clothes and proper boots always with us.


Map – Hiking in Troms



How to get to Tromso: Don’t you know how to get to Tromso? Check out our post about transportation to the Troms area. Public transportation: For arriving at Sør-Lenangen from Tromso has to be taken the line 150 to Svensby and the 465 towards Russelv until the stop Botnkrysset. Timetable available at Troms Reise App. For paying the bus tickets is recommended to use Troms Mobillett App.

Where starts the hike: 69.758028, 19.956026
Where finish the hike: 69.732125, 20.021957
weather in blavatnet


Check out the weather for the following days in Sør-Lenangen


Setting up a tent is possible near the parking where there is a toilet and in the northwest side of Blåvatnet. Near Aspevatn lake there is a shelter to make a barbecue but is possible to sleep or rest in case of an emergency. The nearest mountain hut is Trollhytta, located on the shore of the lake Fiskevatnet. Read the conditions of the cabin and enjoy it and respect it. Along the region of Lyngen Alps is possible to rent several entire houses with Airbnb! Get 25€ discount on your first Airbnb experience


Online Topo map: Troms

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