Mount Alto de Guajara Hike

The best view of the National Park of Teide, Alto de Guajara

The perfect spot to see the Volcano Teide, the highest mountain of Spain and to observe the dark sky of Tenerife. Location of the first high mountain astronomical observation of the world

Elevation Gain: 600m   Distance: 12km
Time: 4h  Max altitude: 2718m


Elevation Gain


Estimated time

Max. Altitude


When to go

It is possible to do the hike all year round and only a few days during the winter can be closed due to snow and ice. Being closed means that if something happens to you while hiking in that closed area is your responsibility.


Sun / Shade

Sunny during all the route of Mount Guajara, no shadows at all.


Drinking Water

Near El Parador de las Cañadas del Teide, there is a small spring and at 2400m near the mountain pass there is a small spring but both can be dry depending on the climate.

The nearest place where water is sold is in the bar of El Parador or in El Portillo.
  • Difficulty 40% 40%
The difficulty of the route is moderate because though the way up is only 6km the route is done in high altitudes and if you are not climated it can be harder than expected.
  • Exposure 20% 20%

The path from el Parador to the summit following the path nº15 there is no exposed part. If going back through the path 31 the exposure is very high (70%) due to rockfalls and due to the narrow paths and vertical walls next to it.

Walking to Alto de Guajara 

One of the legends of the National Park is Guajara, a Guanche princess who after losing her darling Tinguaro in the Battle of Aguere, went up to the summit and after wandering during a long time she threw herself into the void from the walls of Guajara,

The hike leads up to 2700m above the sea level and offers what is considered by many people, the best viewpoint for seeing the highest mountain of Spain, Teide.

Approaching to Alto de Guajara

At the parking of Cañada Blanca there is an information point of the National Park and are displayed in a map the different trails of the area. From this point is possible to visit one of the main attractions of Tenerife, Los Roques de Garcia. Is worth to go and have a look how the mother nature has created incredible natural monuments with the action of the volcanoes, the wind and water.

From the parking will be taken the road on the way to Adeje for few meters until is seen a path signal number 4 going to El Portillo. After taking this path will be followed during 3km until it is signalled the path number 5 that leads to the mountain pass at 2400m. At this point will be followed the path 15. At 2 minutes hiking from this point is found the spring that is at 2400m.


Reaching the summit

The trail keeps going to the south until is found a marked path that climbs Mount Alto de Guajara. In the summit is possible to see the remains of the several astronomic observatories were placed during the XIX and beginning of the XX century, and the first high mountain astronomical observatory made by Piazzl Smyth. He demostrate the theories of Isaac Newton on the advantages of observation from high altitudes. Therefore, this place is a perfect one to watch the dark sky during the night.

Way back

To go down again to the Parador is possible to go all the way back it was taken to climb up or is possible to take the number 15 until the end of the path and then take the number 31 to Cañada Blanca. The path number 31 is very exposed and can be dangerous due to rockfalls.


-Be careful with the weather conditions in Mount Guajara because it can change quickly and in an unexpected way, especially during winter.

-In case of setting up a tent to avoid the camping areas and nearby without permission and notice that is illegal to set up a tent in Spain. If it is wanted to take the risk, set up the tent in a remote place at sunset and wake up early to avoid forest rangers. During summertime, there are more controls.

-Your safety is our concern but is your responsibility. Hiking in high mountain areas requires a minimum of preparation and wearing warm clothes and proper boots always with us.

Hiking map with the best hikes in Tenerife



How to get to Tenerife: Do you need to know how to get to Tenerife? Check out our post about transportation to the Canary Islands.

Public transportation: For arriving at El Parador of the National Park is possible taking the bus number 342 from Costa Adeje or the bus number 348 from Puerto de la Cruz taking between 1,5 to 2 h.

Where starts the hike: 28.223478, -16.628192
Where finish the hike: 28.216869, -16.611933


Check out the weather for the following days in Teide National Park


At Parador is possible to sleep but is incredibly expensive so even not being allowed is possible to sleep near the fountain at 2400 where there are few caves or if you are brave enough there is a bivouac place made with the remains of the first mountain cabin of the world used during the beginnings of the XX century for astronomical observation.  Get 25€ discount on your first Airbnb experience



Map of Tenerife: Roads Map

Online Topo map: Tenerife

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