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Long distance hikes will give you the opportunity to experience nature in a way that shorter day hikes don’t allow. Completing a long distance hike requires perseverance and endurance. A long trip opens you on the privilege where your only cares will be the next mountain view, your next place to put your tent and fill your reservoir and repeat.
The best way to enjoy a long-distance hike or thru-hike is to have enough time to take some days off to enjoy the places you like more and with enough time to change a bit the route in unexpected conditions, So being able to be flexible is a key for succeeding and enjoying the route.
It’s not necessary to be really strong to complete some of these routes but is needed to have enough time to plan the route in the way you can do it. Do not pretend to walk 30km every day as others do if you haven’t already walked that distance with your backpack during some days. In case you walk more km than you should in few days you will notice that you are not even able to do half of the daily goal you proposed so it’s better to start step by step and once your body has gotten used to hiking it’s time to start summing more km to your daily purpose. 
In Europe, there are lots of marked long trails that cross different countries and make a great combination. 
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