Hiking in La Palma

La Palma, unique winter hiking paradise

La Palma is the western island of the Canary Archipelago which is located in the Atlantic ocean, 150km far away from the Moroccan coast. This Canary Island is known as Isla Bonita, the beautiful island thanks to the green landscapes wrapped in a volcanic geology. All this makes the island unique in the world with untouched forests, coasts and volcanic scenes that you can discover walking the best trails of La Palma. 

Hiking in La Palma is an experience that can’t be explained with words. The beauty of the island makes hiking the main attraction, keeping always the essence of it.

Best trails of La Palma


La Palma has a Footpath Network with almost 1000 km. It means that there are many routes that one can choose but the best hikes of La Palma are the ones that goes through Cumbre vieja and Teneguia, Cresteria and in the north east coast where the landscape is completely different and the green forests are unique in all the Canary islands.

-Gr131: The GR131 is the best long trail of the canary Islands. Passes by the highest points of La Palma and crosses from south to north the island.

-Volcanoes Trail: the most known trail in La Palma goes across the volcanic landscape of the south reaching the highest volcano, La Deseada. 

-Los Tilos and Cubo de Galga: these 2 hikes are the most beautiful walks that goes though the greenest forests of the Canary Islands.

La Palma guide – Practical Information


How to get

Getting to La Palma is possible from Europe by plane from several airports, especially from Spain and Germany and as well from other islands by boat and plane.

From the islands of Gran Canaria, and Tenerife there are cheap flights every day. It’s often cheaper to fly to one of these islands and to fly or take a from there with CanaryFly, Binter, Fred Olsen or Naviera Armas.

Germany there are many cities that are connected with Easy Jet and Germania. From Spain, there are weekly connections with Iberia and Vueling.



Wild camping or bivouac in La Palma is regulated, as in other regions of Spain, by every town and rural municipality and it’s hard to know all the regulations but in general, is NOT allowed. Here we are not going to tell you where we stayed without being caught, we will post only the legal places to pitch your tent. There are two camping areas where having a permission is completely free to stay with your tent for a maximum of a week. It’s needed to follow the instructions of the official site.