Hiking in Gran Canaria

walking All the Canary landscapes in Gran Canaria

La isla de Gran Canaria ( Grand Canary island ) belongs to the Canary archipelago which is located in the Atlantic ocean, 150km far away from the Moroccan coast. Gran Canaria is the second most populated island and the major part of it lives in the northeast and south part of the island.

Generally, it’s much more beautiful for those who want to hike in the island, to explore the west and central area of the island, where the wildest and greener part is. Though being a small island, it has a maximum altitude of 1947m and offers many different types of walks and hiking trails with difficulty.

Best trails IN GRAn Canaria 


Gran Canaria has a Footpath Network with more than 1000 km. It means that there are many routes that one can choose but the best hikes of Gran Canaria are located in the “cumbres” (the central part of the island) and as well there are really nice walks and trails in the north and west coast of Gran Canaria with unique beaches in all the Canary islands.

-Hiking traverse from Agaete to Maspalomas: In the hike below there is a long distance traverse that joins Agaete and Maspalomas walking through the most beautiful spots of the island as Tamadaba Natural Park, Artenara, Tejeda, Roque Nublo, Pico de las Nieves, Tijarafe, and Maspalomas. 

-Caldera de Bandama: easy hike near Gran Canaria that shows a beautiful caldera of the volcano of  569 m with a protected landscape.

-Acusa Seca – Acusa verde: hiking from Acusa Verde to Acusa Seca shows really nice views of the roques of Gran Canaria and passes by an interesting archeology spot where the aborigines lived thousands of years ago.

Hikes in Tamadaba Natural Park: in Tamadaba Natural Park there are many paths through the canarian pine forest and Roque Faneque is one of the best hikes of Tamadaba.

Natural Monument of Roque Nublo and other roques: the most hiked paths are in the top of Gran Canaria, in the summits area. Roque Nublo, Roque Bermejo or Pico de las Nieves are the most beautiful spots to walk to.


Gran Canaria hiking Trails