La Palma – Places to visit

La Palma – Places to visit

La Palma Canary Islands – Travel Guide



La Palma island, known as the beautiful island, is for sure the most beautiful canary islands thanks to its unique landscape.  There are many reasons why you would love to visit la Palma, whale watching, observe the milky way from one of the best spots of the world, enjoy the sun and the quiet atmosphere in Puerto Naos or Tazacorte and of course walking the best routes that runs along the volcanic landscapes and green forests.


What to visit in La Palma?


La Palma is world-wide known for its beauty and its quiet and peaceful atmosphere that captivates anyone who visit the easternmost canary island. Life here passes at another rate. Exploring on foot la Palma is for sure the best option if you are searching a real experience!

Santa Cruz de la Palma


Santa Cruz de La Palma is located at the western end and it has only 1500 inhabitants. Its location near the airport and port, makes it a perfect point from which discover the whole island. Santa Cruz is considered one of the most beautiful towns of the canary islands and here there are the most beautilful and important things to visit: 

Plaza España: Spain square is a neuralgic point of the city and, without a doubt, one of its most beautiful corners. We are facing the best Renaissance group in the Canary Islands since the wonderful building of the City Hall, the church of El Salvador, the public fountain and charming stately homes meets in the same space. In 

O’Daly Street: street with a colonial style with brightly colored facades, charming squares and perpendicular alleys where it is worth to get lost on its charming shops, bars and restaurants. 

Seafront: one of the most iconic pictures of Santa Cruz de La Palma. A set of houses painted in different shades and with wonderful wooden balconies full of flowers.

Other places are the black sand beach of Santa Cruz de la Palma, la Recova Market and the Naval museum Barco de la Virgen and the Insular Museum of La Palma.


Cancajos Beach


La Palma is not characterized by attracting sun and beach tourism but does not mean that it lacks beutiful beaches and Cancajos beach is a good example. Despite being next to a large accommodation complex, this beach of fine black sand has not lost a touch of charm. Highly recommended to approach to enjoy the sunrise in complete solitude. 


La Palma observatory – Star observation 


One of the best spots to observe the stars is La Palma thanks to its location and the strict laws against the light pollution. All the locations of the island are good places to stare at the sky but there is a guide with the best spots to look at them. Be ready to take incredible pictures from Roque de los Muchachos or Llano del Jable viewpoint.


Other Beaches in La Palma – Puerto Naos, Charco Verde and Tazacorte


Nogales beach is another incredible beach located on the east coast that is reached after a 10min hike. Puerto Naos, Charco Verde and Tazacorte are the most visited beaches due to the better climate being the places with more hours of sun of Europe.more than 300 sunny days per year. 


Walking in La Palma

Walking in La Palma is without any doubt the main attraction and it is because of the beauty of the landscapes and the very well conserved trail network. There are many walks possible and for all the difficulties, from routes as the Teneguia volcanoe to the GR131 that crosses the island along the highest mountains. Check out our page Hiking in La Palma to know more about all the hikes, accomodation, public transport… to enjoy walking in La Palma.

Other interesting places in La Palma Canary Islands


Places as Porís de la Candelaria, Fuencaliente lighthouse, Cubo de la Galga, Los Tilos and the north coast are other spots that are amazing and for sure will make you fall in love with the island!